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Date: 20-5-2022
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The History of ISokratia

As you will see when you read Isokratia book of thoughts, Isokratia was born in 1974. Whilst I was studying for my BSC Applied Economics  at the preset University of East London ( then known as East London Polytechnic). One of the subjects covered in my course was British Constitution.  I was writing an essay assignment on the subject of Democracy. My search and studies then revealed the weaknesses of the various forms of democracy being practiced around the world. I soon realized that indeed there was no real democracy. Only various forms of elected representatives forming a government.
It soon became clear to me that even the most advance practices of democracies   at the time, such as that   of the United Kingdom and Sweden, rented dangerous absolute powers to their prime ministers. After finishing my essay assignment I began noting my thoughts on paper and continued to search   and examine.
Being a foreign student, in a foreign country, without financial support and with a wife and two young children, there is very little time spare for personal activities hobbies and the rest. Survival takes priority. Bread on the table and a roof over your head are absolute priorities. Another reason I did not rush to publish this thoughts was that, at that time the technology was not available to easily put in practice the Isokratia principles, where by the decision making is truly transferred to the public. Some weight also went to the fact that whoever I discussed my thoughts with, the great majority thought that people will not care; People now a days are apathetic to such ideas. Eventually thought, the fact that I care, overweighed my decision. I then realize that there is a reason why people  are seemed to be apathetic and  seemed not to care, which is not true. I explain why in  the pages of the Isokratia book.
Meanwhile whenever I had a few minutes, I would put on paper and expand my thoughts. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night with a thought and I will go and write it on paper. I then managed to acquire a home computer. As such it was not until some years later that I started slowly, slowly typing the notes of my thoughts to form the Isokratia book of thoughts. I am fully aware that some will rush to say that others thought of regular referendum style voting’s much before. My reply is that Isokratia is not a simple voting system. It offers the whole recipe, the complete formula, of all essential factors  which together form the Isokratia thoughts. Without these factors there cannot be an Isokratic socio governing system. An example is the  Iso-media and other principles you will find in this book of Isokratic thoughts.
Enjoy your reading
Chris Neophytou


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