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Date: 20-5-2022
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The Invite

I invite you to travel through the Isokratia thoughts open-minded, with a good heart, for a challenging and high-spirited, mental, adventurous journey. This journey, will take you, beyond known socio governing and socio-economic boundaries and horizons. Enjoy it; Have fun!

Vote :

After you have read Isokratia, you may click here to cast your vote of approval or disapproval, of the Isokratia thoughts & principles. Your vote counts.


      Isokratia is dedicated to the continuous development, improvement and advancement of human civilization, quality of life, personal development, peaceful co-existence, and enhanced economic standards of living; to the maximum possible personal freedom; respect, acceptance and love of all humans, irrespective of their race, religion, colour, sex, financial or social status. Accepting the ever-lasting human ailments, Isokratia lays the foundations for the building of a system as closely compatible as it can be, to the human nature. A socio-governing system aiming for the for ever sustained betterment of all around the globe, through the continuous development of Isokratia thoughts, meeting the challenge of the evolution of human civilization.

Select a language to begin your journey into the Isokratia book of thoughts

I aim to publish Isokratia, to as many languages as it will be translated by volunteers. If you have this ability and can afford the time it takes, please check this link languages being translated page and if Isokratia is not  currently translated in your language and you are volunteering to do the translation please contact me.

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