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Date: 21-4-2019
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What Is Isokratia - PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions

Isokratia is a new socio governing, politico economic system, which enhances the governing structure and co-existence, of humans within the human societies; It does so by placing the actual decision making directly on the hands of the public. Based on maximum acceptance and respect of each other’s rights in a social group, Isokratia offers an advanced system, upon which the human members of a society, can share in equal participation, in the decision making process, which governs that human society’s functionality.
Isokratia is a truly advanced socio governing system where-by the decision-making is totally placed on those being governed by such decisions. Under Isokratia those being governed, are in control of how they are governed. Whilst those governing as we know them now a days, become mere representatives and executioners of the true wishes of those being governed.
Isokratia is the most advanced and perhaps the ultimate, in human socio governings known today. At present and possible for a long time to come, Isokratia is the first and only socio-governing system which touches the human nature. I believe that Isokratia is as close a socio-governing system has ever come to the human compatibility.
The equal share and participation, in the decision-making, is the inner core of the Isokratia system. Isokratia calls and requires that all citizens, have the right to and if so choose, to voluntarily vote on each and every rule and regulation that governs their lives; be it a local, national or global issue at whatever intervals is required. The Isokratia socio governing system places the absolute decision making power, directly into the hands of each voting member of a social group, be it local, regional or national level.
The Isokratia principle, is based on the human need for the maximum freedom of the individual and the acceptance, respect and love of each other and each other’s rights, irrespective of race, colour, sex, religious or social status.
The freedom of each individual, to develop and grow is at the core of the Isokratia system. These Isokratic values, must be taught within the family, within schools, within churches. The family is the major weapon, with which news can be spread; for the respect by each member of the family, for each of the other members of the family. In turn, by each member of society, for each of the other members of society, local, national or international.
Under the Isokratic system, when it comes to socio inter governings, the servant or inferior kind of behaviour, will no longer exist. Everyone will have the same influence and say, in policy making, irrespective of whether such persons, are members of a ruling governmental committee, a ruling political party, or just ordinary politically unaffiliated members of society.
I can see a time ahead where people will accept each other on equal grounds, irrespective of colour, race or religion, monetary power, political influence. I love to see a time where there can be a black President in the United States, an Isocratically elected, white President in South Africa. I can see a time where people will gain office because of their values, their expertise, not because of their colour sexual, or ethnic origin. I like to see more often than untill now experienced, women prime ministers and presidents. Perhaps soon the first USA woman president. Obviously I am referring to Hilary Clinton (kind of cute girl).
I can see a time where nationalistic extremism, will be minimise if not disappear. The Isokratic principles make it possible for the ethnic identity to gain ground, by respecting each other’s ethnic identity. I can see a time where we will all come to be, feel and behave, as true global citizens. The Isokratic system lays the foundations for such respect and acceptance of each other.
Through Isokratia, I can see a time where in one church house, various religious sectors, can share in Sunday, Saturday, or daily Mass. Isokratia can lead to events where followers of different religions, from Buddhist to Islam, Judaism, Christianity and others, can join together, with a common morning Mass. Isokratia paves the way for the world’s religious leaders to bring the faithful to accept each other’s faith without hate, and killings on the name of one religion, or another.
Isokratia builds upon the advancements made by Democratic system. However Isokratia surpasses Democracy and it’s flaws and pushes the frontiers of human society governings, to new unexplored horizons beyond present known boundaries. Apart from the Isokratia Politica, Isokratia also deals, with the economic field, with Isokratia economica, as well as the Global field, with Isokratia Global. Both the economic and global aspects whether we like or not, are interwoven with any socio governing system.
Isokratia Economica, is the method of applying the Isokratic principles in the workings of the open market. In so doing Isokratia economica ensures the benefits to both, the entrepreneur and the consumer. It brings the interests of the two closer. As such Isokratia economica offers protection and secures the survival of the open market system.
Isokratia Global, combines the Isokratia political with Isokratia economica and extends the principle to the Global dimension. Isokratia Global, offers suggested solutions for the smooth governing of the Global political and economic arena; It ensures equal decision making participation, by all the nation members of the Globe, as well as all the Global citizens.
Isokratia Global highlights areas for thoughts, but also suggests solutions for the compacting of Global political and economic problems. The aim of Isokratia Global is the betterment of Global decision making, for the great benefit of all Global citizens. An example of such a suggested solution is the Isokratia call for the Iso- Currency. A single Global currency, which I believe could lead to the elimination of many catastrophic upheavals, as experienced within the present multi currency system.
The setting up of Isokratia requires some radical changes in the present form of many of our social engineering and practices. One such change is the introduction of what I call Iso-Media, which will be explain in detail in later pages.
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