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Date: 20-1-2019
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Will people Respond To Isokratia? - PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions

Before publishing, I shared the Isokratia thoughts with a few selected friends from all walks of life, from laymen to solicitors, bankers and other scientists young and old of both sexes. Inviting constructive criticism and comments. The main comment I received from all is that today’s people are too layback; Today’s society are too busy to be concern with a new socio governing systems. Some even gave up reading the whole thesis.
Indeed I felt extremely disappointed with their common comment. They are however absolutely right. Especially in today’s world in the advanced states. In the advanced economies, the public is too busy trying to maintain or increase their standards of living. Too busy with work and outings. They cast their votes from one party to another every few years; Some don’t even bother to exercise their voting rights. In undeveloped and religious doctrines countries the public is fighting for survival often misguided by their representatives and rulers and as such the right to vote is a non essential luxury for which they have no time for.
Whether a citizen of an advanced economy/democracy or an undeveloped country, the last thing the citizens want is to be involved in a change. Even more when this change is radical and may upset the few ruling individuals and groups. We can accept the fact that the great majority of the global citizens today have grown to be apathetic towards the governing system and governing individuals. However all the more of a reason for me not to give up and for the rest of you change apathy with empathy. The key is the answer to the question of “why have today’s majority citizens have become apathetic a to the socio governing system or individuals who govern their affairs?”
The truth is that today’s public have become apathetic, because their views have been systematically abused by today’s governing systems. People know that it will make no difference. Irrespective of who comes into power, irrespective of the method of gaining power, be it elected, appointed or inherited, it will make little if no difference to the public.
Once the elections are over, the common statements read, “ It is no longer for the best interest of the public” and “ now it is for the best interest of the country to abandon a pledge program in favour of a new plan of opposing values”. This constant abuse by the democratically elected dictatorial regimes have inevitably lead people to the present day of apathy towards the concern of our socio governing system. This apathy is one of the resulting effects of democracy or one of the ailments of the democratic system which can bring the end of the democratic system and perhaps the destruction of our world as we know it.
However I strongly believe that once the public establishes the fact that under Isokratia their view and vote will matter, their apathy will be washed away. Once the voters know that the governments will have no choice, but to execute the wishes of the voters, then they global citizens will mind and will become actively involve and participate in the decision making by casting their votes. As the public confirms that the decision making power lays with them and is not longer the prerogative of the governments/governors, whose functions will be executive rather than governing, the public will become active and participate in the socio governings of their lives.
The current belief, which I also believe to be true, that “it will make no difference whoever is governing” will no longer be true under the Isokratia system. The public will know, that under Isokratia, their vote will make all the difference; The public’s decisions and choices will count. In time the lay back approach and indifference will change to a joyful and proud participation.
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