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Date: 20-1-2019
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Welcome To The Isokratia Thoughts. - PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions

As I sit and write this book of thoughts, I just wonder, why? Why express these thoughts? Why do I believe, we are in need of a new, better, fairer socio governing political system; A system which will lead to a safer and more humane society. A society, where everybody can truly share, in the running of their country, their region and their globe. Why, do we need a new system, through which we can minimise, if not eliminate, the abuse of power by individuals; by pressure groups, or by the few appointed, elected or not, who though may have begun with good intentions, are system lead, to act like and even become, oligarchists.
De we need a new system where the freedom and choice of the individual, is preserved to the maximum? Do we require a new integrity system, through which we can minimise, if not eliminate the suffering of the many? Do we really need a new horizon, full of hope? Do we need to bring, equal opportunity and joy, to each other, without depressing joy and opportunity in others? The answer to all these questions, in my opinion, is an emphatic YES. Yes, Yes, Yes. I Believe We Do!
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