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Date: 20-1-2019
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The Origins of the Isokratia Thoughts - PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions

The thoughts behind Isokratia, began many years ago, back at the 1970s, at what is now known as the East London University. When I was writing an assessment on democracy, during my student days when I was studying Economics. However, time limitations, family priorities, earning a living, timing and the absence of the mechanism to enable the application of Isokratia, delayed me.
Above all, the need for maturity and experience, to test the thoughts of Isokratia, I felt were greatly needed. If you like at the seventies, I believed the Isokratia principles, were too ahead of it’s time for the world to see, understand, accept and implement. The immaturity of the political world, witnessed by experiences, such as the cold war, and countless military coups, which kept savaging democracy and the human spirit, subconsciously push me to shelve the Isokratic idea for a while. The absence of the necessary technology, or the failure to perceive how to apply Isokratia, was another reason to put Isokratia on hold.
Now is the time. The technological advances now make it possible. The globalisation of our world make it not just possible, but perhaps even make it a necessity too. The political maturity, of today’s democratic world including the super powers, though not complete, is at a stage where the Isokratic principle, can be understood and engulfed by the many. I just hope, that I can now move as fast as our world is moving, to finish and publish Isokratia, within the very, very, very near future. ( I been saying this ‘very near future’ since 1998 !) Oops is now nearing the end of 2004. My target now is 1st January 2005. The text draft is ready both in English and Greek. All is remaining is to set up the web side now.
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