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Date: 25-9-2016
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PART 3 ISOEconomics / Isokratic Econommics

1. Consumer Power And Restrictive Practices

2. Self redistribution of wealth?

3. Consumer Manipulation & Exploitation

4. How to Reach the Iso-Economics Some Thoughts

5. Partnering Of Consumers And Entrepreneurs

6. The Threat Within The Present Day Capitalist System

7. The Global Phenomenon

8. Market Intervention, National and Global, Lead To Iso-Economics

9. Market Interference is not monopolistic

10. Market Interference in the international arena

11. As we have seen, there is no such thing as a free market capitalist system.

12. Global Finance

13. Economic Colonies Versus Economic colonisers the Struggle For Iso Economics

14. The colonisation of single industries within a coloniser by an economic colony

15. Consumer Direct - Global Shopping

16. Globalisation Versus Local Practices

17. Exportation Of Low-Cost Raw Materials

18. Exportation Of Low-Cost Goods

19. Profit Maximising versus Social Values

20. Advanced Economies Multinationals and Global equilibrium

21. You Can Contribute! Your Contribution to Isokratia!

22. Contributing by spreading the thoughts of Isokratia is the ultimate contribution.

23. Fast Track Major Contribution

PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions


PART 1 Introduction of Isokratic Thoughts & Definitions