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Date: 6-12-2021
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Isokratia update after Maldives

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" after 48 hours of strong winds and fast sailing doing 10 to 11 knots an hour the winds died on us.

As at Thursday 08 March 2007 mid day the winds are down to 6 to 8 North Easterly. The forecast for next n7 days is winds of 4 to 5 east.

Our generator burns double because we use the water maker , the oven , the washing machine which makes it work hard.

On top of it one of our fuel tanks seems to be contaminated with dirt and water again. This means we can not use the balance of about 70 litres left in it now.

Our new calculations now show that to use the generator to charge the batteries twice a day and motor to Aden we are short of 470 litres of diesel.

Until further notice I ordered all to stop using water, wash with sea water!! Wash plates with sea water. No movie videos at night time. Even DVD and TVs burn electricity which has to be replaced by the generator.

Our electric toilets are ordered not to be used. That is for the crew not for me and my wife. (Let them become sailors!!)

With the above orders I sense a mutiny being plan against me. So I had George check the books and he found that we can stop in Oman. Out of our way but we can motor all the way to it and refuel. We are adding some 350 miles to our voyage. Next to Port Salalah there is newly build marina called Mina Raysut. The book guides say that Oman authorities now allow private yachts to make short stops for refuelling.

SO the decision is made and we are heading straight for Port Salalah in Oman. The mutiny thoughts have gone out of the mind of the crew!! I am safe for now!!

We estimate to reach Salalah on Sunday 11th March 2007 at

approximately 14.00. We calculated that a speed of 6.5 knots on one engine (alternating between port and starboard engines, )will get us there at 14.00 which is 4 hours before the marina close. AT night time we are not allowed to go into the marina. Only between the hours of 09.00 and 18.00

Yesterday we caught three good size tuna fish. Chrysta loves it. We all used to love it. But eating tuna for four consecutive meals is beginning to put us off tuna. But no one dares disputes with Chrysta.

She threatens to stop cooking her delicious meals if we complaint!"

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