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Date: 20-5-2022
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South America

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How to vote instructions

Casting your vote in our web site is very simple and easy. You have three options on each subject under voting. The first option is “Yes� , which means you agree or support this subject. The second option is “No�, which means you do not agree or you are against this subject. Third and last is “Indifferent�, which means you do not mind either way, or you do not care whether this issue is supported or not. You may only select one of the three options. Once you select your choice Yes, or No, or Indifferent, you then click on the red button name vote and your vote is then added. As each person cast his vote the voting results will be automatically updated and you can view the results as shown below the red voting button.


Some subjects will be left open and will be on going such as the Isokratia and the challenge. On other  periodical issues the voting will close on certain date and time.

You can only cast your vote once on each subject. Each voter will be identified by his computer’s IP address. We are aware that this has it’s restrictions; Mainly because a computer which is used by one person such, as  in an  internet café, or in an office, in a house, or in a university, can not be used to cast another person’s vote. However the present system it is an initial one, the advantage being that, it allows people to vote without having to register. In the future we endeavour to resolve this problem.  It could be that we may have to ask people to register before they can vote. We will see what options Mr Alex, our web developer comes up with.