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Date: 20-5-2022
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Who is Chris Neophytou

Who is Chris Neophytou


My full name is Christodoulos Neophytou. I am a Greek Cypriot, born in May 1950 at the gorgeous city of Famagusta in Cyprus at Kato Varosi;  Although presently Famagusta is occupied by the Turkish troops since the invasion of Cyprus in 1974,  Famagusta  is the jewel of Mediterranean, located at the south east part of Cyprus. My roots from my father's side, have been traced back to the Greek Island of Patmos. I was born the third child in a family of six.

I am married and I have two handsome sons, Phydos and George. Like all families, at times they can be a pain. However  all three are my best friends and my joy. I love the family life and I am a strong believer of the family unit in our society.

Due to my ugly chicken style writing and poor grammar, I was rejected a sit in the free government high school "the gymnasium"; they gave preference to the philologist, theologist and the army of mathematics teachers to be. Looking back I am grateful for their refusal. 

Having been refused a place in the free government high school, it was a financial struggle to finish the private high school I enrolled, The  Center of Higher Studies ( known as KASA at the time). And even more of a struggle since there was no money for books and most of the knowledge was what I retained  during the classroom  lectures.

After serving my full 2 year national service, I managed to go to London with a couple of five pound notes in my pocket, with the aim of undertaking university education. The straggle of going through the high school, looked like a joyful time, compared to the hardship of completing a university education in London, without financial support and with a small family with two sons. Even so, I do not  give up easy. Hardship does not scare me. I persevered and I managed to complete my BSC Applied Economics degree in 1977 with a grade 2 for which I am very proud. For if I had half the time available for reading that my counterparts had, I would not have accepted anything below a five star 1:1 AAAAA degree.

By the time I completed my University education, my country Cyprus, was invaded by Turkey and my house was under occupation. Without a house to go to,  no money, and two young children, I remained in the UK; I entered into  various businesses and practices which included the fashion industry, car imports, sales and marketing techniques; For a few years in the early nineties, during the big depression in the UK, I qualified, trained and  practiced  as a layman  hypno-psychoanalyst. I am deeply fulfilled to have helped hundreds of persons overcome many problems; Even more proud for those few I saved when they were in a suicidal state. This experience was an invaluable one, without which I would have not been able to feel as fulfilled as I feel now. I owe them all a big thank you. For whilst helping them overcome their problems,  they helped me overcome mine.

As a person, I believe I am a very simple person. I enjoy the very basics of life such as good companionship, nature; Because I love everyone, I can  go out with anyone and enjoy myself. I do not have to be a close friend with some one to be my self and be a good friend. Some people find this hard to understand, but that’s who and how I am. I have a weakness for the sea and all activities related with the water.

I have my vices, but I enjoy or at least try to enjoy all the emotions accompanying the human nature, whether is happiness, sadness, frustrations,    disappointment, ecstatic feelings and all human emotions including cries. Ok I admit that my anger sometimes can be a fright to some, but that is part of the human nature and I have no problem to apologize when wrong. It does take some effort to get me angry though.

I believe that I lack selfishness, but I am extremely proud. I luck fear, but I fear for everyone else. I can be as good as what some people will call stupid, or dumb. But those devilish, who confuse my goodness with being soft or  dumb, are in for a  surprised, when tears run through their eyes; for yes, I am a very good person, but I am also very hard to say the least. Some times you need to be hard with those you love as well and when the need arose, for their benefit, I lived up to it.

My dream is to semi retire and concentrate in finishing my writings, whilst surfing the Greek islands in a sailing catamaran. I visited all the mainland shores and a great number of the Greek islands. I also traveled the world, which made me conclude and believe that paradise is in Greece and the Greek islands. I don't know which island or village to love more. Each island is a part of paradise with it's own character and offerings. Withthis in mind I repatriated and return to Cyprus althouygh I am stil travelling extensively.

Saying that, I assure all, that though I am aware of the very many reasons that make me very proud to be Greek, I admire and love all other nationalities and value their offerings and cultures; As such, I have no trace of racism in my blood. Yes despite the politics, I love the Turks as well, whether Turkish Cypriots or from Turkey; I have many good Turkish friends. Loving all cultures and nationalities fulfils me and makes me very happy. I just love them all. Ok I admit it, I may love women just a bit more than men! I do not claim to be perfect. It’s just that women smile more. Keep smiling girls; I just love your smiles. Do not believe any one who says different, because they all love your smiles!

After 33 years in the UK, my business requirements caused me to move temporarily in the beautiful city of Sofia in Bulgaria. When I was asked what attracted me to Bulgaria, my answer was and it still is,   the Bulgarian people. Perhaps it is because I see them as my distant cousins with many of them being Greek descendants. ( I like to tease some fanatically patriotic Bulgarian friends; they know I mean well though and I love them all whatever their origins.)

As a young teenage person I faced some serious anxiety attacks. When I visited a specialist in London, I was told that I will only stop having this problem, when I stop worrying about every one else and the whole world. Well, I am glad to say  the doctor was wrong. He would have been right, if he said that I will be cured if and when I stop caring, (not worrying), about other people and our world. 

It took some years, but finally  I realized this fact, and as such  I found my cure; for   I believe, that I can never be cured from that ailment of caring about other people, and what’s more,  I don’t want to be cured.

Publishing or rather offering Isokratia to the world is a part of my cure. I have a few other writings, which if I manage to publish, I believe it will be beneficial to those coming into contact with these writings. Some are already completed but need the finishing and publishing. There is always hope to semi retire and dedicate more time to my writings. I hope to have a healthy mind for some time,  to be able to complete this wish.

I believe I can never fully retire, for I have a very hyper active mind; as long as my health allows it,  I will be working and producing. Sometimes, I am rightly called a workaholic; but I enjoy my work and bear full responsibility for those I employ. On a last note, I treat those under my employment, of lesser fortune or opposite sex such as women,   as human beings first; Never as of a status or as females, or of a different colour, race or religion and so on.

I believe that women, like every one in this world, have much to offer. However I also know, that each person has it’s own limitations. I happened to believe that some of the most  brainy, most intelligent people in our world, are uneducated; whilst there are many lets say lazy minds, who managed to have a diploma of some kind of a paper because they had the financial means to do so; I  admire these lazy minds  as well, for their achievement despite their handicap. I do not approve though, of such qualified people, looking down on those less fortune to have access to educational qualifications. A such I do not discriminate against those who did not have the fortune to be educated. Some of the most able employees I had the chance to work together with, are completely uneducated. Yet they out-perform others with masters degrees.

 For sure there are no traces in my blood of neither status, sexual, religious, racial,  or any other discrimination. I am very proud of this.

Writing the above I found it very hard,  in  trying to be my self whilst being  true to my self and my audience. I did it though.  I hope I managed to give you an inside understanding of who I am.

Good luck to all of you and remember to enjoy life and have fun. Do read Isokratia though. For without reading Isokratia, you will surely miss in both, having fun and the joy of taking a journey in the Isokratia thoughts; Isokratia will take you beyond known boundaries.

My love to all of you.

Chris Neophytou




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